• Julie Peconi

Rest my Friend, Rest: The Need for Downtime

One of hardest things I've found about going freelance (while still juggling a demanding part-time job and homeschooling) is how hard it is to turn off.

I find it hard to 'do nothing' at the best of times.

I watch tv with a crochet hook in hand, read in the bath and listen to podcasts while walking. And since becoming freelance, I've tried to squeeze 'building my business' time in whenever and wherever I can.

But over the past month, my creative brain has been waking up at 11:00 pm just as I'm hoping to drift off to sleep. It's like a flip gets switched and inspiration flows: blog post ideas, ways to feedback on the copy reviews I do, new headline posts, it all comes tumbling out. But it's the wrong time.

And yet it's the only time I fully turn off and my brain has the space to breathe properly.

It got me thinking that my busy habits are probably not helping me as much as I think they are. Like every part of our body, our minds need rest too. It's that 'being stuck on a crossword puzzle, leaving it and coming back the next day to find the answer immediately' thing: downtime is essential.

So this morning, I rested. I had my coffee while my family chatted around me, my youngest kicking a football against the sofa where I sat. I changed the sheets while the sun streamed in and I went in the garden with my secateurs to claim back some space from Mother Nature.

And when I came in I was inspired to write this post after a few weeks of blogging silence. 🌱

What are you doing for your downtime today?