• Julie Peconi

How I Built a Copywriting Business in 4 months: A Review of Filthy Rich Writer's Copywriting Academy

I wasn’t looking for a new career.

I was on holiday (locally of course- this was 2020 after all!), absently scrolling Facebook, when an ad by Filthy Rich Writer popped up.

The ad was for the Comprehensive Copywriting Academy and said something like…"the first time I made 6 figures was in the middle of a recession.”

Hmmm…I scrolled on.

But that ad stuck with me (I know now it’s because Nick Krawczyk, the founder of Filthy Rich Writer is a seriously good copywriter!!). So completely against my nature, I signed up for Nicki’s free training “How to Land Freelance Copywriting Work Without Wasting Time on Frustrating Job Bidding Sites or Cold-Calling Strangers

Suddenly my eyes were open to the possibilities of a second career in copywriting.

I currently work part-time as an academic researcher which I love. I knew I didn’t want to give that up. But the flexibility, variety, and -yes, the extra income- that copywriting could offer intrigued me.

And then I watched the most powerful and authentic testimonial I’ve ever seen.

The interview was with Nicki and Erin Kerns, ex-teacher turned copywriter. You can watch it here. Erin explained how she was able to replace her teaching salary with income from copywriting in 6 weeks. I’ve always loved to write and suddenly I could really see myself expanding my skills, getting paid and having a blast while doing it.

And so I leapt, bought the course and haven’t looked back!

Over the past 3 months, I’ve learned copywriting, created a website and launched JPCopywriting all while continuing my current job. And just as exciting, within the next month (4 months since I bought the course), I’ll have paid off my initial investment. And I’m having fun: I’ve met inspiring people around the world and already written about topics ranging from computer printers to vibrating rugby balls!

Why The Comprehensive Copywriting Academy (CCA)?

Joining the CCA kickstarted my copywriting career. If you are considering copywriting as a career, I believe it can help you too.

Below are 6 reasons why I feel this course is perfect for aspiring copywriters:

1. You’ll start with the basics. If you are brand new to copywriting like I was, you’ll learn what it’s all about, how it’s different from content writing (which typically pays less) and how to flip features into benefits like a pro.

2. You will learn more than just copywriting. Starting a business is so much more than just doing the actual writing. The deep dive and bonus courses cover a range of topics from mindset, to how to nail your client calls, to using Facebook to build your business (to name but a few!).

3. You will have access to the members only Facebook Support Group. This is hands down the most supportive Facebook Group I’ve ever been in and worth the price of admission alone! Here we celebrate our wins and offer each other advice and encouragement. Nicki and her team pop in daily to offer insight and answer questions.

4. You’ll get lifetime access to all the course materials. This allows you to do the course at your own pace without pressure and allowed me to fit my training around my current job and my family. I also go back and refresh certain topics when I need them which is invaluable.

5. Ongoing training and coaching calls. Nicki does a coaching call once a month, answering questions and reviewing portfolios. It’s yet another great opportunity to learn from other aspiring copywriters in a supportive and safe environment.

6. 30-Day "It Works if You Work It" Guarantee. If you can prove you put the effort into the course and pitching clients and don’t see results, you can apply for the guarantee. Find out more here.

Joining the CCA has opened my world up to a career I didn’t know existed 4 months ago! I’d be happy to answer any questions you have about the course or about copywriting in general. Access the free training here or please feel free to email me at jpcopywritinguk@gmail.com

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